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Berry DeTox
Breathe Deep®
Caramel Apple Spice Slim Life
Chai Black
Chai Green
Chai Rooibos
Cinnamon Berry Probiotic Balance
Cinnamon Vanilla Healthy Skin
Classic India Spice® Yogi Tea®
Cold Season
Cold Season Sampler
Comforting Chamomile
Echinacea Immune Support
Egyptian Licorice Mint
Egyptian Licorice®
Ginkgo Clarity
Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life
Green Tea Energy
Green Tea Kombucha
Green Tea Kombucha Decaf
Green Tea Lemon Ginger
Green Tea Muscle Recovery
Green Tea Pomegranate
Green Tea Pure Green Decaf
Green Tea Pure Green
Green Tea Super Antioxidant
Green Tea Triple Echinacea
Healthy Fasting
Honey Lavender Stress Relief
Honey Lemon Throat Comfort®
Joint Comfort
Kava Stress Relief®
Lemon Ginger
Peach DeTox
Purely Peppermint
Raspberry Ginger Digestive Vitality
Raspberry Passion Perfect Energy
Refreshing Mint Vital Energy
Relaxed Mind
Roasted Dandelion Spice DeTox
Soothing Caramel Bedtime®
Soothing Mint Get Regular®
Soothing Rose Hibiscus Skin DeTox
St. John’s Wort Blues Away
Stomach Ease
Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy
Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut
Throat Comfort®
Tulsi Spiced Berry Immune Support
Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy®
Woman’s Energy
Woman’s Moon Cycle®
Woman’s Mother To Be®
Woman’s Nursing Support
Woman’s Raspberry Leaf


Team Yogi Participates in 2017 Eugene Race for the Cure
2016 Yogi Tea Summer Giveaway
Sage Pesto
Arugula Dill Summer Salad
Yogi Frozen Tea Fruit Pops
Dress up Your Drink: Herbal Ice Cubes
Ayurvedic tips to stay cool this summer!
Maple Mint Cooler
Raspberry Lime Refresh
The bridge in Honduras is complete!
2016 Yogi Tea Tag Photo Giveaway!
DIY Rosemary Sage All-Purpose Cleaner
Update on our bridge project in Honduras!
The Kumari Project
Bridging Communities in Honduras
2016 Earth Day Giveaway!
The Edible Forests of Madagascar
Start a Spring Herb Garden!
2016 Welcome To Spring Giveaway!
2016 DeTox & Wellness Support Yogi Tea Giveaway!
Holiday Crafts with Yogi Tea!
Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea Cookies!
2015 Yogi Tea Gratitude Giveaway!
Get To Know Green Tea
Introducing NEW Yogi® Cranberry Spice Probiotic Balance™ & a Chance to Win!
Yogi’s Day of Giving
Stay Healthy This Summer!
Cooling & Delicious Summer Recipes!
DIY Summertime Skin-Soother Herbal Bath
DIY Cooling Mint Face Mask
2015 Yogi Tea Tag Photo Giveaway!
Stay Healthy This Spring!
What’s in Your Yogi Cup? Listen & Enter to Win!
Get to Know Licorice Root
Ayurvedic tips for relaxation
2015 DeTox & Wellness Support Yogi Tea Giveaway!
Yogi Recyclable Single Serve Cups are now available!
Herbs for Relaxation
Get to Know Dandelion
It’s Rainforest Alliance Follow the Frog Week!
Delicious Summer Yogi Tea Recipes
Yogi Tea Tag Photo Giveaway!
Get to Know Assam Black Tea
Yogi Green Tea Kombucha Sugar Scrub
Benefits of Green Tea
Natural Support for Healthy Skin
DIY Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Soap!
Yogi and Circulon 2014 Rest and Relax Yogi Tea Giveaway!
DeTox & Wellness Support Yogi Tea Giveaway 2014!
Stay warm with Yogi teas this cold weather season!
Ayurveda, the Doshas and Yogi tea
Herbs for Digestion
Herbs for Yoga, Part 4: Endurance
Herbs for Yoga, Part 3: Circulation
Herbs for Yoga, Part 2: Relaxation
Benefits of Tea Boost Its Popularity
Herbs for Yoga, Part 1: Stamina
Feeling stressed? Lavender and Kava to the Rescue!
The importance of detoxification for overall wellness
DeTox & Wellness Support Yogi Tea Giveaway!
Yogi Teas Support Well-Being this Cold Weather Season
Find Relaxation this Holiday Season with Bedtime® & Kava Stress Relief® Teas
Rainforest Alliance Yogi Tea Giveaway!
Dandelion Root and Yogi DeTox teas!
Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy
Relax with a Cup of Honey Lavender Stress Relief!
Schisandra Berry in NEW Caramel Apple Spice Snack Tea!
Yogi Refreshing Mint Vital Energy!
Guru Hari’s Favorite Warm Weather Teas & Tips to Help You Beat the Heat
Sleep Well with New Soothing Caramel Bedtime® tea
Staying Regular with Soothing Mint Get Regular
Visit to Local Peppermint Farm
Energizing Teas
Come to check out the Yogi blog?
The Doshas and Food Cravings
Chocolate Superfood for Valentine’s Day
New Dietary Guidelines, Redux
The doshas and parenting
There’s More to Calcium than Taking a Pill
The New 2010 Dietary Guidelines
The doshas in business and in the workplace
The Doshas and Personal Relationships
A series on the doshas
Strong relationships can build a longer, healthier life
Weekly Q and A with our Facebook Fans
Weekly Q and A with our Facebook Fans
Beet Juice is the newest health drink
The most depressing day of the year
Weekly Q and A with our Facebook fans
Weekly Q and A with our Facebook fans
What You Will Eat in 2011
Weekly Q and A with our Facebook fans
Experts Weigh in on Resolutions
Too Much Holiday Alcohol? Yoga to the Rescue.
Weekly Q and A with our Facebook Fans
Five Reasons to Love Each Dosha
All Hail the King… of Grains
Tea rituals from Asia to inspire your own tea culture
Q and A with our Facebook Fans
The fall season and the back-to-school diet for kids
What kind of dieter are you? Know your diet personality
Relax with a daily tea time
Q and A with our Facebook Fans
Keep the kids healthy during back-to-school season with a balanced lifestyle
Exotic roots spice up food and health
Meet Karta Purkh
Q and A with our Facebook Fans
Kapha Man in Relationships
Pitta Man in Relationships
Kapha Women in Relationships
Pitta Women in Relationships
More Cooling Beverage Ideas
Chill out this summer
Q and A with our Facebook Fans
Vata Man in Relationships
Q and A with our Facebook Fans
Vata Women in Relationships
Facebook Fans Q and A
Diets for the Doshas
The Doshas and Interior Design
Weekly Q and A with Our Facebook Fans
Dosha Great Dates
To Nap or Not to Nap
Q & A with our Facebook Fans
Tea Rituals — Calm in the Midst of the Storm
Q & A with our Facebook Fans
The Doshas go to a Birthday Party
Q & A with our Facebook Fans
Speaking of Clothing and the Doshas — Some Tips
The Doshas Go Clothes Shopping
The Doshas take a Walk around the Neighborhood
Weekly Q & A with our Facebook Fans
People and their doshas. You can get along with anyone.
Monday Mugs — We have your winners!
Easy tips for everyday yoga
Weekly Q & A with Facebook Fans
The Doshas go to the Movies
What a Cute Mug! Tea Mug Giveaway
Your Ayurvedic Constitution
Weekly Q & A with Facebook Fans
Living the Doshas Series
Weekly Q & A with Facebook Fans
Weekly Q & A with Facebook Fans
Weekly Q&A with Facebook Fans
Weekly Q&A with our Facebook Fans
Weekly Q&A with our Facebook Fans
Top Ten Sleep Tips
Which healing herbs can I grow?
The Big Sleep
Weekly Q&A with our Facebook Fans
News Update: Yoga Regulation on Path to Defeat in New York
Survive the Spring with Ayurveda – Part 2
Weekly Q&A with our Facebook Fans
Survive the Spring with Ayurveda – Part 1
Stay in balance with the seasons
Weekly Q&A with our Facebook Fans
Match your meals to the doshas of the whole family
Kombucha- a great daily addition
Weekly Q&A with our Facebook Fans
Eat according to your body’s energies
Reader Q&A #1
Weekly Q&A with our Facebook Fans
Get the sleep you’ve been dreaming of
8 Embarrassing Sleep Habits
Arianna Huffington challenges you to sleep
Five Signs you are sleep deprived
How the Doshas disrupt your sleep, and what to do about it
Healthy Sleep
National Sleep Awareness Week
Weekly Q&A with our Facebook Fans
Weekly Q&A with our Facebook Fans
Creating Calm
Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions
How are those resolutions going?
Planning for a Planful Life
The chili peppers quizz
Winter Recipes with Pizzazz
Taking Time for the Important Things
What? Me, Vata?
A Simple Reminder: Being Healthy is About Eating Good Food to Fuel the Body
A Rose for Relaxation
Making Tea: How To Know You’re Doing it Right
Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut
You asked for ’em, You got ’em — Turmeric Recipes
A Spoonful of Honey Helps the Turmeric Go Down
Get a healthy glow. Purify your skin from the inside out.
Cinnamon: Warming Winter Spice for Good Health
Speaking of peppermint…
Peppermint — not just for candy canes
Holiday Cooking with Healthful Herbs
The Best Detox Herbs
Kava for Calming the Mind and Relaxing the Body
Know Your Dosha and Meet Your Perfect Match
The Ayurvedic Three Pillars of Health (Eat, Sleep, Love)
What’s my Personal Yoga Style?
Juicing, Part 3
Juicing, Part 2
Still Got the Juice?
Decaffeinating Green Tea
The Secret to Great Digestion
Stay Energized
Our Vital Energy
Relax with Yoga
Ginger, the Universal Herb
Yogi Tea for the Summer
Best summer foods
Many Styles of Yoga
Improve Your Metabolism part 3
Improve Your Metabolism part 2
Disgraced Professional Football Player Becomes Holistic Healer
Improve Your Metabolism part 1
Snack if you must
Top Grains
Chill Out with Cumin
Summer Grains
Cooling Summer Herbs
Bring on the Guests
Add Antioxidants to Your Diet
Cooking Cooling Greens
The Pitta Cooling Eating Plan
Traditional Chinese Medicine 101
Dosha Diets
Green Tea Works Wonders
A Healthy Diet- Eat the Whole, not the Parts
Get to Know your Superfruits
Top Ten Ayurvedic Herbs
Yogi’s Five Spices
Healthy Weight and Detox
Natural Health and Ayurveda 101
A Tea is a Tea is a…


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Alfalfa Seed
Vanilla Bean
Pu-Erh Black Tea Leaf
Bay Leaf
California Poppy
Green Maté Tea Leaf
Lemon Balm Leaf
Luo Han Guo Fruit Extract
Apple Pieces
Schisandra Berry
Kola Nut
L-Theanine Suntheanine®
Shatavari Root
Oregon Grape Root
Barley Malt
St. John’s Wort Extract
Ginkgo Leaf Extract
Rhodiola rosea Extract
Juniper Berry Extract
Amla Fruit Extract
Valerian Root Extract
Elderberry Extract
Shankpushpi Leaf
Assam Black Tea
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Ginger Root
Citric Acid
Alfalfa Leaf
Spearmint Leaf
Lemon Myrtle
Devil’s Claw Root Extract
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Jasmine Green Tea Leaf
Astragalus Root Extract
Indian Sarsaparilla Root
Amla Fruit
Licorice Root
Green Tea Leaf
Eucalyptus Leaf
Burdock Root
Long Pepper Berry
Ginseng and Eleuthero Root Extract
Celery Seed
Fenugreek Seed
Dong Quai Root Extract
Green Matcha Tea Leaf
Yucca Root Extract
Gotu Kola
Fo-Ti Root
Winter Melon Seed
Chinese Goldenthread Root
Elecampane Root
Rose Petal
Passion Flower Extract
Ginkgo Leaf
Grapeseed Extract
Cinnamon Bark
Nettle Leaf
Skullcap Leaf
Parsley Leaf
Lemon Peel
Yarrow Flower
Thyme Leaf
Decaffeinated Green Tea Leaf
Dandelion Root
Cocoa Shells
Kava Root
Clove Bud
Açaí Berry